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Beach View Lane BONUS Scene

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Beach View Lane Bonus Scene GenericSince arriving on Crown Island, Ryan had worked at the Majestic Hotel with few breaks, but Whitely had encouraged him to take this Saturday off. Ryan knew the value of taking time to recharge, so he agreed. The sun was out, the weather was warm, and he had plans with April today. Even the ocean had ushered in a cool morning breeze on the fresh air. From his bedroom window, he could see shore birders skittering around.

Life was good on Crown Island.

Ryan’s doorbell chimed, and he glanced outside. An essential part of his plan had just arrived. The guy who ran the bike rental concession was at the door. He raced downstairs and opened the door.

“Good morning, Sailor.”

“Morning.” Sailor jerked a thumb at a delivery truck behind him. “Pops has the electric bikes you ordered. They’re powered up and ready to go.”

“Let’s put them in the garage.” Ryan left the hotel early on Friday and spent the entire afternoon planning this date with April, even if she didn’t want to call it that.

He led Sailor to the side of the house, where he and his father unloaded mountain bikes, helmets, and other gear. Ryan had visited Regal Bikes yesterday, and Adrian assured him this model was easy for beginners.

Ryan was eager for everything about this day with April to go well, so he had carefully planned everything, even the equipment and the path they would take to the nature conservancy. While he stayed in good shape by using the gym installed in the house, he couldn’t recall the last time he’d been on an actual bike. A Peloton didn’t count.

As Sailor wheeled in the first bike, he glanced around the empty garage and raised his brow. “Is this an Airbnb?”

“No, I live here. Why?”

“Most people have stuff in their garage. A couple of surfboards, water skis, holiday decorations. Life stuff, you know.”

Ryan crossed his arms and grinned. “Are you saying I need a life?”

Sailor set the kickstand and shrugged. “You might have a big life at the hotel, but from the looks of this place, you’re seriously lacking for fun.”

“You’ll have to excuse my son,” Adrian said, giving Sailor a pointed look.

“He has a point though.” Lately, Ryan realized he didn’t have much of a life outside of the hotel. He wanted to change that, if it wasn’t too late.

“These are a good start,” Adrian said, rolling the second bike into the garage. “Looks like you’ll be taking a friend.”

Ryan wasn’t rising to that bait. “You never know.”

Adrian added, “Need some instruction on these?”

“Sure.” While Ryan would have usually declined the offer, he didn’t want to take any chances with April. “I’ll do some basic off-road exploration. Nothing fancy yet.”

In the past, lavish dinners, opening night theater tickets, or boat rides around Manhattan were his go-to date night plans, but this was Crown Island.

Most people came to the Majestic Hotel for memorable evenings, but that was the last place Ryan would have privacy.

Sailor took Ryan through the operations. When Ryan was reasonably sure how to operate the gears, Adrian and Sailor cut off the tags and left.

Inside, Ryan brought out the backpack he’d just bought. He hadn’t used one since college. Trying it on, he adjusted the straps until it didn’t feel so foreign.

He’d meticulously planned this brunch with April. First, he lined the bottom of the backpack with ice packs. On those, he placed a bottle of champagne he’d chilled. Next, he added Havarti and sharp cheddar cheese, along with prosciutto and salami. A small loaf of fresh bread from the bakery went on top, and he nestled a jar of his mother’s homemade fig jam into a side pocket. On the other side pocket, he slid in plastic flutes and cloth napkins.

He could have asked Giana for a boxed picnic, but he wanted April to know he’d put effort into this—and didn’t take the easy way.

To him, this was more than a date; this is how he was beginning to envision his life on the island. It was a far cry from living in hotels and traveling the world, but the memory of growing up on Crown Island was coming back to him.

The funny thing was, he didn’t even know his family was what government officials called the working poor. He’d been happy, and he hadn’t needed much. Not until he shipped off the island to attend the fancy prep school had he known how hard his parents worked for so little.

Just then, the doorbell chimed again.

Ryan hoisted the backpack and went to meet April.


“Good morning, and I’ll see you later,” April called out when she saw her mother walking toward the kitchen. She hoped to slip out before anyone questioned her, but the scent of fresh coffee had probably awakened Ella.

“Where are you off to so early?” Ella asked.

“I’m going for a bike ride.” Swiftly changing the subject, she added, “Derek was here but went to get supplies. He’s also buying those wind chimes you liked so much, so decide where you want to hang them. He should finish work on your garden today.”

Ella’s eyes brightened with happiness. “Thank you for arranging that, my dear. We’ll invite friends for dinner to christen the new garden.” Her mother regarded the new outfit April had taken such care to put together. “And look how nice you look for a beach ride.”

There was no getting out of it now. “That sounds like more of a question than a compliment.”

“You can take that both ways.”

April laughed at her mother’s impish smile. “I’m meeting a friend.”

“And would that friend happen to live down the street?”…READ MORE

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